Monday, 11 May 2015

Keys To Keep In Mind While Creating HTML Email Templates Design

The ultimate destination of an email is the inbox and not the spam. For this, it is important to create HTML email templates design so that your email campaign gets successful and the mail reaches safely to the targeted audiences. In this ever increasing technological world, creating an effective email has become an easy task by taking help of the web designing companies. These companies will offer you customized design to let you get an effective template for the promotion of your business. You can always hire these companies, however, it is always good to have the required knowledge with you. Here are some of the key points that are important to keep in the mind while designing such a template.
  • Design for a horizontal preview pane: It is obvious that a number of people will view your email on a horizontal preview pane on different browsers. According to a recent study, the average size of horizontal preview pane is 638*86 pixels, this means that your email template should not be more than 638 pixels wide.
  • Define images and links: It is always recommended defining the size of images while you embed these into an email. This means that you need to define the width and height of the image in the HTML code. If it is not done properly, the layout of the template will break.
  • Keep things short and simple: People do not read your email but scan it suddenly. Therefore, it is advised to make your template with bold heading and then stuff the body with short content. Your email template is not a web page that people will read with patience. Hence, provide them something that interests them.
Besides, sticking to these points, templates designed with creativity can also attract your user towards the mail. Technical knowledge is equally important to design these custom templates. Thus, it is the best to take services of experienced web designing companies to create HTML email templates design. For more details visit :

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Opt EmailChopper for Email Copywriting Service to Attract Customers

A compelling email copywriting is all about making the great impression quickly on your readers while being effective with the available space.

21-April-2014, USA- An email copy must not only be impactful, but should also meet the latest industry standards. We at EmailChopper, an established email copywriting service provider, understand that an email copy is a better chance to enhance click-through and provide an opportunity to communicate with the customers. We know that email copywriting is a specialized talent, when it comes to modifying an existing content or creating an excellent strategy for original content. Tone, message sequencing & strong Calls-To-Action need to be tailored for every business & custom-made for the targeted audience.

How Professional Email Copywriter Can Boost Your Profits & Save Your Time While Reducing Expenses!

  • Our skilled copywriters understand your requirements & perceptions and then, work towards the clients’ satisfaction by creating appealing content that compels readers to take required action.
  • Invest sufficient time in understanding your company’s vision, brand image, products and culture.
  • We ensure that our email content is capable of grabbing the customer’s attention within the first few seconds.
  • Our talented copywriters work dedicatedly and efficiently to create impressive content, which helps you develop long-lasting relationship with your customers.
  • Every email is highly-customized and personalized to suit your unique business needs. We work on customizing the content, images, links, language, word, colors and layouts that work for your specific brand in the best manner.

We have a team of creative copywriters that build innovative and unique content from the scratch. Completely understanding the customer’s psyche, we at EmailChopper produce remarkable content with making a perfect mix of notion as well as creativity in words. Our professional writers can efficiently develop content for entire range of email campaigns, like invitations, Flyers, newsletters, catalogues, E-advertisement aspects, personalized & formal letters and all the promotional content. We carry out thorough research first to understand our clients’ requirements and follow market guidelines to build out-of-the-box content that help them attract more and more customers and hence, increase sales.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Top Ten Tips For An Effective Email Copywriting - Infographic

Email copywriting is an important aspect that actually does email marketing. Excellent articles, Interesting editors and powerful brand are enough to encourage readers to join your email list. The quality of email content is one of the main factors that determine the success or failure of email marketing campaign.  An email copywriting is an art and this fact makes it different from other forms of business writing.

No matter, whatever you are selling, marketers must always follow certain golden rules of B2B email marketing. An effective email is able to grab the reader’s attention, sell the offer and successfully closes the deal. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned writer, it is always substantial to excel your editorial skills and make sure that you use valuable information in your email marketing communications.

We have put together some noteworthy email copywriting tips that will help you  create fascinating copy that engages your readers, express business message and creates an efficient calls for action:

Created By: Email Chopper Team


Good email copywriting is within your reach. Keep the above discussed tips in mind to write great copy that will definitely help your readers comprehend your offer and respond to your email campaign. This tactful writing ultimately gives you success as an email marketer.

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Top 7 Myths About Email Marketing - Infographic

Top 7 Myths about Email Marketing in the form of Infographic - Email Marketing has right now become mostly discussed topic. Email marketing is the medium that assists in bringing the potential customer and linking with the current Customer. Email marketing is known to directly emailing a business message to a group of people. Here, emails are used to send business-request, ads or sale as well as is also meant to create brand-awareness, loyalty & trust. Unfortunately with the emergence, this marketing technique gets attach with unbelievable myths. Here, this blogs presents some common myths that are linked with Email marketing.

7 myths about Email marketing:

Infographic Source URL:

Conclusion: Hopefully, the above Infographic has germinated the seed of knowledge about the myths that we generally hear in Email marketing.  If you find any confusion or know any other common myth apart from the above discussion, you are most welcome to share your views with us through the comment section given below or through guest-post.

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Top Ten Email Templates Design Service Providers for Newsletters

Since the emergence of high-end web technology came into existence, almost every business owner attempted to promote their brand and products through email template design. Undoubtedly, in order to boost their business world-wide along with advertising and promoting their products and services online, they never hold back to adopt distinct sorts of online marketing tools and strategies. Thus, almost every company or organizations including corporate, political, educational, individual blogging site and e-commerce are looking for an elegant source of email templates design for newsletters for effective email campaign. 

An email newsletter is delivered through email which focuses on a particular topic according to subscriber’s interest like best deal offer, upcoming events, news, latest information and promotion of products and services. In addition, the newsletter created by email templates design for newsletter retains an appealing look and is highly potential to increase web-traffic resulting in an elevated conversion rate.

However, in coming section of this post, I have compiled Top Ten Email Template Design Service Providers for Newsletters, who are well proficient in custom email newsletter development. Apart from this they are also considered as the great source of email template design for newsletters providing flexibility to create email newsletter of your own choice ensuring excellence and cost-effective.

So, what are you waiting now! Just go ahead and explore out the below list of elegant email template design companies to designate the best email templates design that suits perfectly your email campaign and online marketing.

Email Chopper

CSS Chopper

Email Craft

Constant Contact

Mail Chimp

Graphic Mail

Mailer Mailer

Campaign Monitor

Email Monks


After exploring the link of above stated email template design service providers, I opined that these are the resources you might be looking for. Now, you can use email newsletter as a more effective online marketing tool and stay connected with your existing and potential customers. The newsletter designed from above listed sources of email templates design for newsletter ensures that your message is being received by customers even without clicking the links to your website. So, it would be best method ever to popularize your brand and expand your business globally.

Monday, 29 July 2013

PSD to Email Template Conversion Service Provider: Reason to Hire

This worth a great importance, as a neatly designed PSD to Email template conversion contribute to drag and engage the users as well as turning your practice of email campaign or direct online marketing more proficient and effective.No one can deny the significance of tremendous look and appealing color scheme, which contribute to buoy up the aesthetic webpage or Email template appearance. In recent, complete web pages which falls under website webpage, theme, template and other source of interacting medium with users are being designed with Photoshop.

However, to attain an effective template, only designing is not sufficient but right coding and programming is also mandatory. Therefore, in the same context myriad of PSD to Email Template conversion service provider are available today. Thus before we get into nitty-gritty of Email template, let me emphasize the PSD to Email Template, what they actually are all about.

Email Template is considered as a source of medium to advertise or promote a business, product or services. These are readily inscribed in an email as newsletter ensuring maximum deliverability to the specific group of customers. This eventually tends the customers to avail the product or services making your email campaign effective. However, the same Email templates are designed through PSD design file to maintain the pixel precise design, tempting color pattern and astonishing look to bring higher conversion rate.

Though PSD to Email Template conversion is not an easy task but requires valuable skills and knowledge. Therefore without the aid of proficient expert and professionals it is very confounding to procure tempting template design. Thus it becomes obvious to hire a PSD to Email template Conversion Company. In the case if a template design does not fulfill the required format and design, it may be not readable and fits compatible with user’s browsers. As a result, it will not be by any means to procure a template design.

The Photoshop experts and designers who earned sound expertise in creating stunning email template design but when the things come about rendering the design into code, it falls under one of the great challenging task. Moreover, if some designers show their skills of converting PSD to Email template, they generally fail in comparison to a professional company of Email service integration along with other solution regarding Email campaign. One of the other impressive reasons of popularizing Email template designer/conversion service providers is considered as the factor of time taken. Though a designer may get accomplished the conversion process but take elongated time in framing the codes.

In the bottom line, PSD to Email Template Conversion has been concords as the primary necessities for almost all kinds of businesses. Almost each and every organization from small to big does not hold back to adopt the steps and measures to retain the dominant presence over the web. This eventually can be accomplished by practicing the precise employment of PSD design with appropriate coding language. So, in order to make your email campaigns more effective and fruitful hire PSD to Email Template Conversion Service provider.

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