Friday, 18 October 2013

Top 7 Myths About Email Marketing - Infographic

Top 7 Myths about Email Marketing in the form of Infographic - Email Marketing has right now become mostly discussed topic. Email marketing is the medium that assists in bringing the potential customer and linking with the current Customer. Email marketing is known to directly emailing a business message to a group of people. Here, emails are used to send business-request, ads or sale as well as is also meant to create brand-awareness, loyalty & trust. Unfortunately with the emergence, this marketing technique gets attach with unbelievable myths. Here, this blogs presents some common myths that are linked with Email marketing.

7 myths about Email marketing:

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Conclusion: Hopefully, the above Infographic has germinated the seed of knowledge about the myths that we generally hear in Email marketing.  If you find any confusion or know any other common myth apart from the above discussion, you are most welcome to share your views with us through the comment section given below or through guest-post.

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