Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Email Copywriting: Commandments To Be Followed For A Perfect Copy

Email copywriting is not just an exercise in brevity but all about grabbing readers’ attention, selling the services, and closing the deal thereafter. Great email copies need to be engaging in approach and must remain successful in attracting the readers’ attention. It does not matter what are the products or the services that are being sold to the subscribers through effective email copywriting; you need to be consistent in the approach. Follow the commandments described here for effective email copywriting.

♦ Keep the content compact and clear for the subscribers

Email copies aim to target the subscribers to grab their attention towards the business. The job is easy to accomplish if the copy has been generated with simple but effective words. 

Remember, the subscribers are going to devote a few seconds to open and read the message and therefore, it is important to compose copies effectively.

♦ Provide clear message to the readers 

As readers will not consider reading the messages for more than a few second, which is why it is important for an email merchant to clarify the offer within first few lines. 

It will help the subscribers to make informed decision whether they are interested in the services. This will also make senders’ impression, which may further count for the success of the email copy.

♦ Appropriate call to action 

The importance of effective call to action cannot be ignored while providing effective email copywriting services. Call to action must be positioned on the top of the message so as to provide an easy way for the subscribers to get the services if they wish for the same. These action buttons should be a combination of short but compelling words. 

Offer benefits of getting the products/services

Subscribers are easy to attract towards a deal that is providing benefits to them. Thus, it is advised to provide the count of benefits of the products or the services and not the feature of the offerings in the email template. The former is an effective way of compelling the subscribers towards the services without making much efforts.

Avoid scrolling  

Scrolling the message may seem to be a daunting task for the subscribers and to avoid the same, it has been been advised to keep the content as short as possible. Scrolling may affect the impact and the effectiveness of the message on the readers, which cannot be accepted. Thus, try out the approach to remain successful while composing the message.  

Write your message in the second person 

Making use of “you” instead of “we” in your email copywriting will help the readers establish a better connection with the services. With such a connection, readers are easy to drive towards the offer without making much efforts for the same. Keeping the above mentioned points in the mind, it becomes an easy job for the email merchants to draft the copy with an engaging approach to impel their clients’ interest into the business.    

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